Kobold VK7
Modular Cleaning System

The Kobold cordless all-rounder. Ready for use anytime, anywhere.

  • Outstanding cleaning performance on all floors
  • Long battery life – no more annoying reconnecting
  • Can be combined with various attachments
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers

The Kobold Technology at the Heart
of the VK7 Modular Cleaning System

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Highlights of the VK7 Modular Cleaning System

Int kobold VK7 EB7 product in use

Intelligent Cleaning System

Within seconds the Kobold VK7 automatically detects a change in flooring, adjusting its cleaning settings to deliver optimal performance.

Int kobold VK7-EB7

Power Boost Function

The Kobold VK7 offers a power boost function that radically increases airflow and suction, making easier the cleaning of even the most soiled surfaces.

Deep hygiene

Deep Hygiene

The new four-layer filtration system enables for even the most stubborn dust particles to be dislodged and captured. It’s a patented filter bag technology, made with over 80% recycled materials.

Int kobold close-up

High-Performing Battery

The battery contains 8 high-performing battery cells that have been optimised for performance and long lifetime. In addition, its integrated LED display, which always faces the user, gives constant visibility on the system charge level and shows all cleaning information.

Int kobold VK7 EB7 product in use

Compact, Quiet and Lightweight

The Kobold VK7 offers category-leading weight and sound emission — ranking at 78 dB and weighing in at 2.3 kilograms. Convenient to use at any time of the day!

Int kobold VK7-SP7 product in use

2-in-1 Solutions

Save time and effort with the Kobold VK7’s 2-in-1 wet & dry-cleaning attachment. With the ability to mop and vacuum simultaneously, the Kobold SP7 will make “cleaning wonders” on parquet, laminate, tiled, vinyl and linoleum floors, as well as sealed wooden floors.

Int kobold VK7-EB7-PC7 product in use

Easy to Store

Various storage possibilities—in upright park position, horizontally or mounted conveniently on the wall. The added benefit of a foldable handle allows for even more convenient storing. The stylish design on all system components turns the vacuum cleaner into a statement piece to be proudly displayed in your home.

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Augmented Reality

By scanning the QR code you can visualise the different storage possibilities in your home. Give it a try!


Dynamic and Flexible

The Kobold VK7 offers the flexibility and agility of a cordless system for all floors types, carpets and upholstery. Its complete range of attachments, accessories and brushes make tricky vacuuming places easy and swift. Hard-to-reach corners, sofas, mattresses, car interiors or outdoor locations are all handled effortlessly.

Easy Handling

The Kobold VK7 shoulder strap and foldable handle make for easy and convenient use in all cleaning situations, especially above-floor cleaning tasks.

Int kobold VK7 SP7 EB7 HD7 PB7 product lifestyle

Fully Modular

The Kobold VK7 modular system gives you the freedom to select the attachments that you need, building the perfect collection for your cleaning needs. A truly 360° cleaning solution!

Technical information

Table HeaderTable Header
WeightApprox. 2.32 kg (without attachment)
Dimensions (LxWxH)VK7: 55 cm x 14 cm x 21 cm (with folded handle)
VK7: 93 cm x 14 cm x 22 cm (with unfolded handle)
EB7: 44 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm approx.
Filter bagsPremium filter bags with the TÜV Nord seal, ideal for allergy sufferers. Small and light; 0.8 l volume.
CaseHigh quality, recyclable, thermoformed plastic housing
VentilatorMaintenance-free BLDC motor with approx. 95,000 rpm
Table HeaderTable Header
Power consumption
(electrical power without attachments)
Level 1 (Auto mode): 89 watts or 63 watts
Level 2 (Auto mode): 155 watts or 110 watts
Level 3: 350 watts
Level 4: 350 watts
Performance mode: 400 watts
Charger input voltage220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Maximum negative pressure115 hPa in Level 4
130 hPa in Performance mode
Maximum volumetric flow27 l/s (with empty filter bag and without attachment)
Noise emission (VK7 with EB7) 78 dBA / re 1 pW on carpet
Main charger 40 V 1.3 A 52W
BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion battery (exchangable)
Battery charge timeApprox. 2 hours

Frequently Asked

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