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Make Your Life Easier with the New Kobold VK7

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The New Kobold VK7
A Powerful Team Player for Every Task

Thanks to its intelligent cleaning system and powerful long-life battery, the Kobold VK7 offers outstanding cleaning performance for every situation. The new VK7 combines performance, convenience and versatility—making it ideal for cleaning all types of floors, carpets, upholstery and even mattresses.

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World of Flavors with Thermomix

A World of Flavors
with Thermomix®

Enjoy preparing incredible recipes and sharing them with your loved ones.

It’s so easy! Choose the ingredients, turn on your Thermomix® and surprise with recipes for all tastes.

And so that your kitchen never lacks inspiration, on our official Cookidoo® recipe platform, you will find new and delicious ideas every week.

You and Vorwerk:
The Perfect Team

We don’t just sell products, we create experiences. Our advisors are with us because they believe in these experiences and want to create their own success. We know exactly what a home is. We understand the importance of time. And we care about the quality and well-being of our customers.

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For Us at Vorwerk
People Come First

Life is about connecting with people.

At home, that connection is even stronger. It is the place we cherish the most because we feel safe and can be ourselves with family and friends. For this reason, we create products that help us connect with other people, make our lives easier and add a touch of joy to our day-to-day lives. We design to enjoy and celebrate in good company.